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Synergem is a core placements organization having association with more than 280+ companies in India and Abroad. We help both freshers and working professionals in getting better jobs. We provide certified, skilled and industry ready professionals to the companies either fresher’s or experienced professionals as per industry requirement. Synergem provides customized training program to employees of Core Companies under Sponsored Training Program.

We provide various kinds of services which includes Industry skills, fresher jobs, Abroad jobs, Career Advancement and Manpower etc. We can provide placements in below mentioned industries.

  • Refinery Industries.
  • Petrochemical Industries.
  • Oil & Gas Industries.
  • Process Equipment's Manufacturing.
  • Fabrication Industries.
  • Heavy Engineering Industries.
  • Thermal Power Plant Industries.
  • Aerospace and Defense Industries.
  • Manufacturing Industries.
  • Third Party Inspection Industries.
  • NDT Inspection Industries.
  • Automobile Industries.
  • Casting Industries.
  • Forging Industries
  • You can register on by clicking Join Us in top right corner of website. After clicking Join Us you need to fill below details to register:

    1.       User Name

    2.       Email

    3.       Password

    4.       Phone Number

    5.       Click on Terms and Conditions

    6.       Click Signup.  

    7.       You can also signup using Facebook or Google.

  • Click Sign In in the top right corner and login to website by entering below details,

    1.       User Name / Email

    2.       Password

    3.       Click Sign In.  

    After sign In you need go to tabs which will were mentioned in Left side of your profile page. 

  • Click on My profile column in the left corner and enter below details,

    1. Upload your passport size photo

    2. Enter your full name

    3. Enter your Job Title & Minimum expected salary (Only for Experienced persons) 

    4. Write description (What kind of job you are looking for)   

    5. submit social media links

    6. Fill contact information

    Click update button mentioned at the bottom.

  • Education Qualification(Qualification/ Dates/ Organization Name) in an order of higher to lower education like Post-Graduation, B.Tech/ B.E, Diploma / Degree, ITI/ Intermediate, SSC (10th)and Click Add Education button after filling each qualification. 

    2. Experience (Designation, From Date, Till Date, Company Name, and Roles & Responsibilities) and Click Add Experience button after filling each experience

    3. Skills (Enter skills &Percentage of skills) and Click Add Skills button after filling each skills

    4. Honors and Awards 

  • Click on CV & Cover Letter in the left corner and enter below details,

    1. Upload CV/ Resume (Suitable files are .doc, docx, rft, pdf & .pdf)

    2. Your Cover Letter (Type your cover letter)

    Click update button mentioned at the bottom.

  • It is important to have a complete profile on Synergem as it increases your chance of recruiters noticing and your profile and contacting you. For example, recruiters are 70% more likely to contact profiles with a photo than profiles without a photo. Each field in your Synergem profile has been assigned a certain% weight and completing these fields would increase your overall profile completion percentage. If your profile completion score is less than 100%, it means that some important fields are incomplete in your profile and you need to fill them.

    If your skills percentage is less that 55% you cannot apply to any job. Minimum skills required to update a job is 50%. We recommend you to have a profile completion score close to 100% so that it gives you the best chance to find a job and get the best results at Synergem. Moreover, keep updating your Synergem profile so that recruiters can see your latest accomplishments. This would ensure that you always maintain your edge on Synergem and do not miss opportunities.

  • No, creating a profile on isabsolutely Free of Cost.

  • If you want to change password you can click change password in your profile and can change password by old password & new password. If you have forgotten the password of your account, you can change by clicking forgot password button. You will receive a link to your mail. 

  • When youcreate your profile on Synergem, you become part of the synergem jobseekerdatabase, which is accessed by recruiters. Recruiters search through thisdatabase for candidates who meet certain criteria such as skills, education,years of experience and employment. If your profile meets these criteria, itwill appear in the search result. Recruiters who find your profile suitable maycontact you to schedule an interview. Many recruiters prefer to find candidatesin this way rather than posting a job listing.

  • Please try reducing the size of your document to less than 2 MB. You may try switching formats between one of pdf, rtf, word doc or word docx to see which one gives the least size.

    If you have added a photo or any other pictures to your document CV, please try removing them from the CV. You can always attach a photo to your synergem profile separately.

    If you are not able to upload a CV with size less than 2MB, your file may be corrupted. Try changing the format of the CV file (maybe word to .pdf) and upload again.

  • You can searchfor jobs that have been posted by companies and recruiters on Synergem based onkey skills, job title/designation or company names. You can also specifylocation, fresher, experience, India and abroad, before searching. If you gethundreds of jobs, you can narrow down your search by using filters. If you foundright job apply to a job right away. If we show, “No Results Found” for yoursearch result, we recommend you to broaden the search by reducing your filtersand criteria while also checking for spelling mistakes in your query.

  • You can searchfor jobs that have been posted by companies and recruiters on Synergem based onkey skills, job title/designation or company names. You can also specifylocation, fresher, experience, India and abroad, before searching. If you foundright job apply to a job right away by using below process.

    1. Clickapply for this job button which is give below job description.

    2. Enter FullName

    3. Email

    4. Phone Number

    5. Fill detailsof cover letter (Cover letter length must be 10 to 500 long).

    6. Attach your CV(Suitable files are .doc, docx, rft, pdf & .pdf)

    Click Apply Now button mentioned at the bottom.

  • Synergemautomatically sends all applications made by you to the Employers posting theJobs. Thereafter, within 07 working days Employer will respond to your Jobapplication. Synergem is just a platform that lets you discover Jobs andEmployers to receive your applications. Sometimes response may be delayed.  

    However, you can track the status of yourapplication on “Applied Jobs”, “Shortlisted Jobs” in yourprofile page.

  • Yes, you havean option to apply for more than one job at a time for the jobs by clicking Apply for this Job button below jobdescription. This will send your application simultaneously to multiplerecruiters. You can send up to 5 job applications at a go. Also, you have a dailyquota of applying for up to 20 job vacancies

  • If therecruiter has provided their contact details and asked you to contact herthrough the job description, you can definitely contact that recruiter. In somecases, the recruiter mentions the contact details in the job description. 

  • Toidentify genuine emails from, pay attention to the ‘From’ emailaddress. email addresses always end in a domainname. For example,, are synergememail addresses.

    If the ‘From’ email address looks like,,, etc., then the emailis not sent by

    You will always get calls from +91- 8121331491,+91- 9347030393, +91- 8247874781 phone numbers. These are theonly genuine phone numbers of can also check our phone numbers from contactus page in our website 

Looking to Hire Manpower for your Company

Synergem can provide manpower of various trades from fresher to experience, ITI to Post-Graduate, GET to DGM. 

We have huge latest database of job seekers looking to start career immediately any where in India and in Abroad. 

Contact our Management now. 

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