Contract Staffing


Contract Staffing is widely adopted staffing trend by organization across industry verticals. In today’s competitive business climate, the pressure to cut costs and maximize efficiency and productivity has been greater than ever before. Solutions are needed to meet the challenges of high attrition rates, specialized services and core business competition.

Synergem addresses all these challenges. It includes undertaking responsibilities, system development, report generation, meeting guaranteed performance parameters, training and employee engagement.  With our dedicated team of experts and consultants we can assist you with manpower requirement of desired competency at competitive cost. Our team becomes an extended aim to your existing system.  Our service model handles the technical process by the outsourced manpower on an end to end basis right from recruiting manpower to delivering results as per contract mandate.

Why to choose our services.

We are a one of the best contract recruitment agency with more than 13+ years of experience. At Synergem, we follow a disciplined process in the recruitment of your temporary candidates for business. We follow a set of guidelines that will be unique with the job role and the industry demands.

  • Getting employees for a short term role that will help businesses the much-needed flexibility.
  • Our team has years of experience in handling different industry requirements for contractual recruitment.
  • We have an updated and well-maintained repository of candidates who are willing to work on a temporary basis and can handle diverse roles.
  • Assessing the need and the immediate objective of the business and providing a line-up of effective and productive candidates.

At Synergem, we help the profitability as well as the outlook for the company. We provide business solutions in an experienced manner. We help the companies meet their business needs. As we have the necessary experience in this field, meeting your requirements is never a problem with us. What to know how we can work together, contact us today.